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About Us

Who we are?

Animal Rescue Beijing£¨ARB£©is a branch organization of Beijing Haidian Senior Forest Scientists & Technicians Association which is affiliated to Chinese Academy of Forestry Science. It is a non-profitable animal welfare NGO officially registered in the Chinese government. In early 1988, ARB was founded by people from all works who cared about ecological environment, animal protection and rescue.

The aims of ARB: to love the Earth and protect the environment, promote the harmonious survival and coordinated development of human beings and animals, maintain the animals¡¯ rights for survival, stop the cruel abuse of animals, cultivate the social habit of ¡°respect life and love animal¡±, promote the sustainable social development, uphold the rights and interests of the animal protectors and make contributions to the progress of social civilization. ARB carries out its work in line with the state constitution, laws, regulations and policies and upholds the basic interest of the country.

ARB founder & President:

Ms. Wu Tianyu

About Ms. Wu

What we did?

ARB pays attention to and publicizes the policies, laws and scientific knowledge on environmental protection and ecological balance-keeping from China and abroad. It actively works and exchanges with the other NGOs both home and abroad in the fields of animal protection and rescue, scientific feeding, training, vaccination, medical treatment, pharmacy research and health keeping. ARB helps the other provinces and cities set up the local NGO for animal protection.

In 1993, ARB built up an animal shelter and clinic for the injured and sick companion animals which were abandoned by the owners. During the past 15 years, ARB rescued 1,328 dogs and over 400 cats and found new homes for them. In addition, we rescues and released more than 4,000 second-grade state protected wild animals and birds , including raccoon, mountain turtle, five-step snake, owl, kingfisher, masked civet, and so on. We also cured over 6,000 cats and dogs with virus infrectionor skin diseases.

Each year, visitors of the shelter reach 4,000 to 5,000 people/times and young volunteers, most of whom are college students and white collars, reach 800 to 1,000 people/times. The shelter had become a field classroom and window of ARB.

Since the year of 1987, ARB has been calling for the legislation of China Animal Protection Law, China Law against Animal Abuse and China Law on Animal Welfare. Each year ARB makes a proposal to the government on the animal law legislation and holds on with the educational activities by the ways of shelter visit organization, lecture giving in communities and schools, Dog Medic program and media publication to tell the public, esp. the kids, to start from the care of the animal next to you and extend to the respect of life and the love of animals in the world.


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