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Ms. Wu Tianyu

Ms. Wu Tianyu was born in 1943 and remains single up to now. She put all her life savings of over RMB 800,000 (USD 100,000) into the animal protection.

1994She set up a simple animal shelter for cats, dogs and other animals been abused, abandoned and lost.
1997She became a professional animal rescuer.
1999She formed Animal Rescue Beijing, the first registered NGO in China in animal protection cause, and took the position of the President of ARB.
Under the leadership of Ms. Wu, ARB fulfilled the following tasks.

聽 Became the first sister organization of RSPCA in China

2001Raised fund for the rescue of the wild animals suffering in the snow disaster in Xinjiang Autonomous Region; investigated the wild snakes been used in the food market with SENOL of China Forestry University and educated the public through the media report.
2002Attended the 2nd Member Conference of Global Environment Facility and the international symposium on animal welfare law.
2003 During the SARS period, she and the ARB volunteers dispatched brochures on the street to educate people not abandon their pets.
2005She initiated the Forum of “Is big dog fierce” in June and attended CHAMP in USA .

RSPCA issued her a certificate of award in recognition of her contributions in the animal protection in China in 2000.

Ms. Wu learned about Chinese herbal medicine and took the veterinary courses in China Agriculture University . Her own formula of herbal liquid medicine had cured thousands of cats and dogs with skin diseases.

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