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Annual report

ARB Work Report 2005

I . Animal rescue & adoption

ARB borrowed two lines of dog kennels for free in Zhenchongyuan and moved the shelter to the new place in Jan. 2005. In 2005, ARB rescued 73 dogs, including 14 puppies and 13 adult dogs given up by the owner of Zhenchongyuan and 4 puppies and their mother in the nearby fishing pond. 55 dogs were adopted in total.

By Jan. 2006, ARB sheltered 51 dogs with 40 stayed in the shelter and the others, mostly newly rescued or disabled in the homes of the president and vice president of ARB.

With the trapping cages donated by ANIMAL PEOPLE in 2003, ARB trapped and neutered, mostly aborted, more than 600 stray cats.

II. Legislation and education campaigns

ARB held 17 campaigns in 2005 besides the regular visit of the shelter by the common people in every weekend. ARB made a dozen posters on animal welfare knowledge as the educational materials for the public and collected thousands of signatures in favor of the animal protection law.

Jan. 1-3 , posters shown and signature collection in Guodu Pet Park

Feb. 9-15(Spring Festival), posters shown and signature collection in Guodu Pet Park

March 26, about 100 people presented the education and legislation campaign in ARB shelter

April 2, posters shown in the annual meeting of Dechongtianxia

April 6, posters shown and introduction in the Postgraduate Institute of China Science Academy

April 24, attended the NGO Culture Festival in Beijing University and collected signatures

May 1-7, posters shown and signature collection in Guodu Pet Park

May 15, posters shown and signature collection in Tayuan Community. Visitors including students from the nearby universities, middle and elementary schools

May 23, attended the “ Int ' l Environment Forum ” held by the National Bureau of Environmental Protection

June 11, held the forum on “ Is Big Dog Fierce ” in Guodu Pet Park with over 300 pet dog owners presented and coverage by a dozen media units

June 23 -25 President Wu Tianyu attended Asia Animal conference in Singapore and made the presentation on The Welfare of Farm Animals in China

June 26 to August, organized the media coverage on the chopping of Yoyo by a neighbor girl and help the owner of Yoyo in the medical treatment and preparation for the law suit

Aug. 14, about twenty student journalists organized by the Beijing Children ' s Palace visited the shelter

Aug. 29- Sep.11, President Wu Tianyu and Irene Zhan visited Best Friends Animal Society and Helen Woodward Animal Center and attended CHAMP

Sep. 17-20 President Wu Tianyu attended the training course on environment hearing and the first hearing into environmental issues held by the National Bureau of Environmental Protection

Nov. 5-Dec.11 ARB, ChinaPetCom and 16 universities in Beijing jointly held the “ Signing relay for the animal welfare in universities—sharing the life with the animals ”

III Cooperation with other organizations and the media

ARB worked well with many media agencies all through 2005. The media agencies with have long time cooperation with ARB included CCTV4 , CCTV10 , CCTV12 , CETV3 , Beijing TV , Phoenix TV, Travel TV, The Beijing News, Guangming Daily , China Youth Daily, Knowledge is Power , Happy Pet , Fazhi Evening Post , Jinghua Time , Public Interest Time , sina.com, sohu.com, chinapet.com,dechong.com and so on. The media played an important role in the publication of the idea of animal protection and the education of the people to be good to the animals.

IV. Fundraising

ARB received donations of USD 7,899 from abroad and domestic people, of which USD 1,260 was made from the charity sale of pet commodities and self-made skin disease doses.

V. Problems

The looking for a new location for the shelter is still going on. The experience in 2005 showed that ARB was short in the management in the effective organization and utilize of the social resources and the sustainable development. Therefore, ARB organized a leading team of active volunteers which will involve in the management of the shelter, the campaigns and other social activities. 聽

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